Developer Fernando
A blog where I keep track of my personal projects, interests, and hobbies. Also a place to display some of my portfolio pieces and even discussion of building them.

Hello World


My name is Fernando, I’m a computer developer in the midwest. I am very logical when it comes to my view in life and am always trying to learn multiple things at once. I realized I was starting to spill over into the, “Trying to start too many things at once” and decided to start a blog to better organize my situation and thoughts!

Journaling was an alternative but as I type faster than I write I believe this will be a better flow for me. I can also use it to work on some web design which is always fun and calming. If you’ve found this blog feel free to poke around and see what I am up to. At the moment I think it will be a heavily tech inspired blog but I may expand into different projects I work on for the house and other hobbies.

While this is a personal blog for me I do try to keep my digital finger print low so you may not get a picture of me but will have plenty of my dogs.

Look forward to the journey!